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Welcome to Learn Nuxt 👋

Before getting started, I would like to thank you for checking out this free version of the Learn Nuxt course! I hope you have a blast reading it and learn many new things 🚀. Let's first get your PC setup and ready to go, then we'll dive into the basics of what Nuxt is and how you can understand it.

How to set up your computer to start writing Nuxt apps

Whether you're on Mac, Windows or Linux - the steps below should work for you.

Install latest LTS of Node.js

You can find the download on their homepage, please make sure you're installing a version at 16,18 or more. By the time you read this, Node should already be at 20.

Install pnpm

First check that node installed correctly by opening up your favorite terminal / command prompt and running node -v. If you see a version number, you're good to go.

Now we're going to install pnpm. This is a package manager for Node.js. Node actually ships with its own package manager called npm, but for reasons you can read on pnpm's site they just do a better job of managing packages.

To install it, run:


npm install -g pnpm@latest

That's it!

Your computer is now ready to start building Nuxt projects. I am leaving out the part about installing a code editor, but you definitely need one. If you do not have one and do not know where to start - check out VS Code. Checkout out the next article to start your first Nuxt project.